Clover manga

30 03 2010

Clover 3.5/5

When does manga cease to be pop art and start to be fine art? When is something more likely to be remembered for its presentation than its story? When you read CLAMP’s manga, Clover, that’s when. With a story that is largely throwaway, but an artistic style that propels it to the top tier of its medium, Clover is likely to be remembered as beautiful but vacuous. Join me, Panda Masamune, as I explore this unique piece of work

Title: Clover

Author: CLAMP

Publisher: Kodansha (Japan), Dark Horse (US)

Medium: Manga, Sequential Art

Number of Volumes: Originally 4, now sold only as 1

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27 03 2010

Greetings.  It’s me, your friendly neighborhood Panda.  I see that Laserwolf apologized for her long absence in her last post, which means I need to apologize even more!  I do have my reasons though… three of them to be exact.

The first is pretty simple to explain.  I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, and that cuts into my anime/manga time.  For me, books, anime, manga… it’s all the same hobby.  I just love stories.  The thing is, this blog is specifically about Anime, Manga, Graphic Novels, Webcomics, and Video Games–which is broad enough.  Neither Laserwolf nor I want to expand the focus any further.  That’s not to say that books aren’t worthwhile though!  In the past two months, I’ve read through all of the Raven King Trilogy by Stephen R. Lawhead (highly recommended for those who like the Robin Hood Legend) and the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer (actually not as bad as you’d think… except the second book).

Second, it was winter.  Why does that make a difference?  Well… the computer room in my current place is in the coldest room in the building, and the desk is really uncomfortable.  So I can only stand to be in that room for a certain amount of time each day, and lately, I’ve needed to use that time for practical things like job hunting.

But all of that is an excuse.  It’s the third reason that is the most important.

This blog started out as an idea I had in the middle of the night, which I immediately communicated to Laserwolf and Whitey (the silent staff member).  Our intention was to review every piece of graphic media we came across, whether it was good or not, and draw life lessons from them.  I still think it’s a good idea, but I didn’t spend enough time figuring out how I wanted to do it.  A couple of months ago, I saw some improvements that could be made–revamping our review format and advertising our site.  I wanted to wait to write another review until I could do those things, but those two things take time, which is something that I didn’t have.  Hopefully, that will change soon, and Segue will be able to reach the potential that I first saw in that middle-of-the-night moment of inspiration.

Yakitate!! Japan anime

12 03 2010

Greetings from Laserwolf! And my sincerest apologies.  The site has not been updated for a long time.  I would like to say that will change but I cannot guarantee that I will be able to post more frequently in the near future, nor can I vouch for my counterparts.  Let’s just say we’ll do our best.

I am here to tell you about an anime which captured my heart and made me laugh more than any other series.  Not only that, it made me very hungry.

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