“Full Moon o Sagashite” manga

17 11 2009

This is Laserwolf, here to share with you one manga I will probably never read again.  Not every manga you read is going to be good… and some are horrible.  This is one of the ones that makes me shudder.

I don't know why she's holding an egg here.

Title: 満月をさがして (reading isフルムーンをさがして) Full Moon o Sagashite.   Meaning is “Search for Full Moon”.  English title is “Full Moon”.

Author/artist is Arina Tanemura.

Genre: shojo, romance, supernatural

Number of volumes: 7 (finished)

Availability: Japanese version available through Ribon comics.  English translation licensed by Viz.


Mitsuki is a twelve-year-old girl who is desperately in love with Eichi (16), a boy who left for America after expressing his feelings for Mitsuki, but before she realized that she was in love with him.  Now Mitsuki has a throat illness that will kill her within a year unless she has an operation that will leave her voiceless.  Mitsuki decides to forgo surgery because she made a promise to Eichi before he left that she would do her best to advance her dreams of becoming a singer.  With her voice, she hopes that her true feelings will be able to reach Eichi from afar.

Takuto and Meroko, two death gods, mysteriously appear.  They transform Mitsuki into a sixteen-year-old so that she is able to attend a singing audition.  At the audition, she is chosen to be a new singing sensation.  She calls herself “Fullmoon”, which is the meaning of her name.

What follows is a series of misadventures, love triangles between various characters, singing rivalry, sad flashbacks, and a happy ending.

My honest opinion:

This has to be one of the worst things ever written.  The plot is unbelievable at best.  It feels as if someone’s fairy god mother has thrown up all over this manga.  Its only saving grace is the art.  The art is really quite good for shojo, although sometimes the artist chose to place random English words into pictures as decorations when they were completely unrelated to anything (I can forgive this because I know how often English is used this way in Japan).  Unfortunately, though the art is good, the story is so bad it is probably not even worth reading.  There is only one thing which somewhat authenticated this manga for me, which I will talk about in the following section.  I will also spend some time ranting about the ending.

My rating: 1/5

Is it even worth reading?  (Spoilers included!)

Mitsuki’s feelings for Eichi seem incredibly strong and unshakeable for a twelve-year-old.  She never got to express her true feelings, and she never hears from him after he leaves, yet she still loves him enough that she can’t even think about other boys.  Not only that, she swears she is singing for Eichi when she could have a long happy life with him instead if she would only have that surgery.  It seemed strange to me.  That is, until I came to the part where it is revealed that Eichi is not actually in America.  Eichi’s plane crash landed and he is dead.

This is the only reason I approve of this manga – the fact that Eichi is dead.  This explains the extreme attachment that Mitsuki feels.  No matter how much time passes, she will always remember Eichi as he was at that time, when he was in love with her.  That love never faded after he left, because his life ended.  Mitsuki is unable to replace Eichi with another person because it is as if he is still right there with her and she doesn’t want to let go of her memories of him.  When someone dies, that strong attachment can last a very long time.  I know this feeling from personal experience, and I have seen it at work in other peoples’ lives.  This also explains why Mitsuki refuses to have the operation that will save her life.  Yes, she promised Eichi she was going to become a singer.  But the real reason she won’t have the operation is that she probably wants to die in order to be with him again.  Eichi’s death explains all of Mitsuki’s behavior in a very satisfying and realistic way (the only satisfying and realistic part of this story).

Finally, I want to talk about Mitsuki and Takuto (one of the death gods). Even though Mitsuki loves Eichi, Takuto convinces her that he is not trying to replace Eichi, nor could he ever do so, but he cares for her and he wants to be with her (which is probably the best way to approach someone who has lost a loved one).  Somewhere towards the end, it is revealed that Takuto was a singer in the same band as Mitsuki’s now-dead father and Mitsuki’s doctor (I told you the plot was horrible).  On top of all this, he was a victim of the very same throat illness that Mitsuki has, when he was about the same age as her, and committed suicide by jumping off the hospital.  However, surprise!  At the very end, Takuto is not really dead, but just lost some memories, and now he and Mitsuki can be together forever.  Miraculously, Mitsuki’s throat has been healed, without an operation!  Cue fireworks.

The thing about this that really grinds my gears is that Takuto actually named Mitsuki when he was in her father’s band.  This was before she was born.  He was about the same age then as she is at the time the story takes place, which means he is about twice as old as she is.  She’s still in adolescence and this guy has got to be in his late twenties at the very least.  Doesn’t this seem wrong?  This is not even mentioned in the manga.

In my opinion, you will spare yourself a lot of psychological pain by not reading this manga.  You’d be better off just looking at the pictures.



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9 12 2009

I read this manga and I gotta agree w/ u

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